About Us

Al-Sabq Al-Arabi Company for Trading and Contracting is a national entity established on the 10/16/1427 H corresponding to 08/11/2006 from a modern vision and innovation of projects, and a desire Benefiting from the distinguished experiences of the founders to contribute to building economy national development, community development and preservation of its wealth. Satek is seeking in exchange for whom ambitions
The most important ones:

  • To establish a distinguished position in the field through excellence in performance.
  • Confirmation of project implementation as a good snapshot.
  • Establish the executive and technical institution in the implementation of projects and follow-up performance.
  • Achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Years of Experience
Our vision

To be pioneers in providing the best technical and technical methods
At various stages of project implementation.

Our Message

Improving the level of performance by hiring the best human competencies
Specialized professionalism and the latest innovative methods that qualify us
To gain the trust of our customers and upgrade the level of our employees.

Our Values

Emphasizing that we are strategic partners with our customers in order to achieve the highest levels of cooperation with them.
Implementation of the plans laid down to confirm our ability to achieve the strategic goals of our clients.
Constant pursuit of development to keep pace with everything new in the fields of our workers.
Innovation in work in order to achieve quality in service and precedence in competition.
Continuous follow-up to work, which confirms our keenness to perfect implementation.
Confidence that we possess all the information that qualifies us to achieve all of the above.


Proceeding from the principle of company management based on ambition and the constant quest to achieve preference in the company’s fields of work and the willingness to make all efforts to obtain a distinguished position and achieve development, From this point of view, the company's management has been keen to apply the concept of total quality, rationalization of consumption, good utilization of resources, and the application of performance improvement strategies in accordance with the highest international systems and standards to the company's shares.

Qualified authorities