Our Projects

Al Mashreqia Housing Project

The project extends over an area of more than 3 million square meters, and its housing units provide different designs to give the beneficiaries flexible options of different sizes. The project also includes residential and commercial buildings, and commercial investment buildings, in addition to a number of mosques, schools, public parks and green areas to ensure a quality of life for the residents of the project.

Al Sadan Housing Project

Al Sadan housing project is characterized by a strategic location and a natural environment within the urban scope of the southern side of Jeddah at the crossing of the main road network, and it is one of the most distinguished sites in terms of smooth movement and accessibility, and the units with distinctive designs in Saudi hands that understand the needs of customers and take into account all standards of aesthetic consistency, quality and excellence.

Unified Contract of Electricity Project in Jazan

The project is one of the company's most important projects, as it includes the installation of overhead and ground networks, installation of transformers, installation of RMU, maintenance of existing networks and installation of meters.

Contract No. 7 to complete the construction of the sewage network in the city of Taif

Contract No. 11 for execute potable water networks for the Qarnia district in the south of Jeddah city

This project comes within the objectives of the National Water Company to achieve sustainable development in meeting the needs of citizens for potable water and sanitation services in the Kingdom with total lengths of about 209,800 meters and diameters ranging from 110 mm to 600 mm

Esal Projects